BBC: My Fetish Where Anything Goes!

I love my job. I walk into work everyday waiting to personally assist a man with my kinkiest fetish….a big black cock! My boss has no idea how horny I get every time he’s standing…it’s the perfect opportunity to cock gaze. I imagine locking his office door behind me and unwrapping that huge monster between his legs. What I would give to be on my knees in front of him, working that BBC cock!

It was Friday after work when everything I’d imagined had become a reality. He’d asked me to stay behind and help him take care of something….yes Sir! How hardcore this man became, I could have never prepare for. He grabbed me by my hair and made me look into his eyes as he ripped my blouse open. Buttons flying, my chest exposed, he reached through my bra and felt my breast. Running his thumb over my nipple, the sensation made me moan as it grew harder and harder. I wanted to be a good little submissive slut for him so I didn’t say a word.

He exposed my tits and sucked on them like he was thirsty for my milk.  My head was thrown back as this huge man with an equally huge member overtook me. He pulled my head forward and forced me onto my knees. I needed no instruction, I immediately looked up at him biting my lip and started taking off his belt. I unzipped his pants and pulled his boxers off. His cock sprung out, the size, astonishing! Pre-cum was already formed at the tip. Still looking up at him, I licked the tip and cleaned it before I took him down to the base. The size made me choke and gag, creating more spit for this sloppy blow job.

Choking on his cock, I heard him groan as he pulled my hair forcing my head down farther and farther.

He then pulled me to my feet by my hair and lifted my skirt and felt my panties, soaking wet. He ripped them apart and felt my bare, tight cunt, ready for him. He pushed my head onto his desk, my cheek firmly pressed in the glass with my legs spread. I still had my heels on and it was the perfect height to shove that huge rod right into me and stretch me out. He felt my wetness with his finger before he took the tip of his cock and moved it in circular motions on the outside of my pussy. That feeling alone could have put me back to my knees but quickly he took his cock and slid it into my hole, filling me, making me scream! His pace was fast and hard beating my pussy with his cock and keeping my head pushed to the desk.

I moaned and clenched around his cock on the verge of a screaming orgasm…I was ready to cum all over that BBC! He pulled me up to his mouth and grunted in my ear while still pulling my hair and told me cum. He wanted to feel my explosion all over his cock before he pumped his all over me. I released and he held me up as my legs gave out under me, begging him not to stop. At that very moment, is when I truly believed how much I love my job!

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