BBC Cuckolding Guide For Beginners and Fans!

Let us face it, not all men are created equal!  BBC Cuckolding allows the woman to get exactly what she needs, the man to get precisely what he craves and the black guy to get all the fun he can handle!  Where’s the down side, exactly?

The thing to remember is that your cuck LOVES being used.  The minute you let go of that, you lose the dynamic that makes it work!  Also, some cucks really enjoy being told how pathetic they and their tiny penis are – there’s no shame in telling him exactly what you really think of that tiny dick!  And when doing BBC Cuckolding, always avoid the small dicked black man (yes, they actually exist).

Once you have those principles down, just let go!  Enjoy the huge big black cock that is filling you and savor every thrust!  What’s more?  Think about the incredible devotion and adoration it takes for your lover to be aroused by your pleasure, even if it’s not him that gives it to you!  Or the fact that he is committed enough to lick the semen of another man out of your pussy, with total eagerness and delight!  There is no better aphrodisiac than that, willing submission!

And lastly, what about the idea of a man being willing to accept another man drilling his ass with reckless abandon to prove his love!  Between the cuck and the Cuckold, BBC Cuckolding transforms you into a Goddess!  Venus herself would be so envious!  So, savor the sacrifice, the lust, the control and indulge!  It is your companion’s honor and your lover’s privilege!

   Trust me – you will thank me for it!


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