Bathroom Sex – We Just Couldn’t Wait!

So I had a blind date the other night that led to some RED HOT, dirty bathroom sex! It all started out so innocently! I in my little black dress and strappy fuck me black high heels. My handsome date dressed in an immaculate shirt, slacks, and yes, even a tie! He’s a high-class business guy, who took his high-class date out to a high-class place for a high-class dinner. Our behavior halfway through was anything BUT high class though!  I could NOT stop staring at this guy while we were having dinner! He was gorgeous! Man pretty, I like to call it, lol. But he WAS! It’s not often that I openly stare at my date and simply can’t pull myself together! This guy was HOTTER than ME! :O

He caught me staring at him. ….AGAIN! He smiled at me, and suddenly I felt his hand on my thigh! Bold move from a guy who is used to handling business and being in charge. I looked at him, just waiting to see what he would do or say next! He motioned his head slightly toward the direction of the bathrooms, and immediately I felt my head nodding vigorously! He smiled, folded his napkin, and left the table. I waited an ALMOST respectable amount of time before I got up and followed him. It had been such a long time since I had some hot and nasty public bathroom sex!

As soon as I walked through the men’s room door, I felt strong hands grabbing me from behind and pulling me into a stall. the door clicked shut behind us. He wouldn’t let me turn around but caressed every inch of my dress-covered body with his big strong hands before pushing me forwards, forcing me to put one hand on each side of the toilet seat. Normally I would be thoroughly disgusted with this, but I was so turned on I didn’t give a FUCK about germs! I didn’t even care who might walk in on it and hear us!

I felt my skirt being lifted, my garter belt, the tops of my stockings, and buff muff revealed. He let out a low moan as my sweet little wet uncovered pussy came into view, and I could feel his hands immediately all over it, rubbing, exploring, teasing my hard clit.

The next thing I felt was the GIANT mushroom head of his cock, pressing against my slippery, dripping slit! Running up and down it. He was.. TEASING me! That’s MY job! I was loving every second of it though. All my fevered brain could think of was how bad I wanted him to shove it into that slutty little snatch and fuck me until I screamed so loud the entire kitchen staff and all the guests could hear me!

Hot dirty bathroom sex is the best.

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