Okay for a while I really tried to be a good girl.
I had been a bad girl since I was tiny you see I was the kind a little girl that would rub my little pussy on the arms of chairs, all over my toys, in the bathtub,
and the only way I could fall asleep was to put my little fingers my tight little cunny.
Yeah I was pretty naughty. And I was naughty for years until I met Josh. Josh was so sweet so cute and treated me really special. So , I know I wanted to be a good girl at least for Josh’s sake. And I was a really, really good girl but there was just one thing about Josh. He was just too vanilla for me. I mean he would kiss great and squeeze my perky little tits, and he would lick my bald little pussy pretty good. his dick was just average and it had gotten to the point where it got a little bit boring.

So when he told me he was going be gone for a week I really wasn’t that sad. I was kind of glad I would have some freedom for a change and it would be really nice to go back to the old neighborhood and see some old friends.
And that’s exactly what I did. Went to my old neighborhood and wouldn’t you know it I met up with Chris. He was an old fuck buddy of mine. One thing Chris and I always had in common is that we are super kinky in bed and this guy just loved to lick my pussy and ass for hours. I mean this dude had a super long tongue and he really knew how to use it!  Every time I was with him I was a super slut I would do anything for him.

Chris invited me for a drink and I went gladly.
It wasn’t long before we started talking about the past and how hot we used to fuck. It seems Chris was just as bored with his present relationship as I was. This girlfriend was sweet but just wasn’t as kinky as he wanted her to be.
And when he invited me back to his place I was really excited I could feel my pussy start to get wet already.
In no time as we were even walking through the door we were taking our clothes off and that’s when he threw me on the bed when I was totally naked just my shoes on and he just went to town on my hot little pussy and ass. I was in fucking heaven!!
There  I was lying on my tummy enjoying his long Fucking tongue! And giggling like a bitch in heat.
He made me come at least four times until he turned me over and put his beautiful hard dick deep inside my tight little hungry cunt. This  guy knew how to fuck so good and he  lifted my little ass off the bed ,and legs over his shoulders and gave me a super satisfying the fuck.
The one thing I totally forgot about was to insist that he pull out when he was coming and it was too late he filled me with a super thick warm load of cum!!

We had a great time as long as we were having sex but pretty much after that we really didn’t like each other particularly but we sure knew how to get off great together!
Okay so I felt a little guilty afterwards.  But fuck it I had been such a good girl for such a long time.
So I made my way home with a big smile on my face and I could feel tons of spunk and pussy pudding in my panties. Mmmm
as I unlocked the door I made my way towards my bedroom and I could see that the television was on.
Holy shit! Josh was home! I tried to calm down and act casual.
“Oh my God baby what he doing here?”
“Hey Dana! Aren’t you glad to see me?”
Oh… Yes!  “Hey Dana I decided to go next weekend.
Come here sweetheart give me a kiss” he said. I went towards him hoping that I did’nt smell like dick and hoped that spunk wasn’t sliding down my legs. LOL
I gave him a quick peck on the mouth and tried to go past him straight towards the shower but he just wouldn’t let me. He pulled me towards the bed and started to make love to me when he went for my panties I panicked  OMG! “Hey baby I need a shower .really do” I said.
Oh I can’t wait I want you right now Josh said.
And with that he pulled my soaking panties down.
Wow baby you’re really wet.
I can’t help it Josh that’s what you do to me.
He suddenly started to go down on my pussy.
Now , if I was  a good girl,  if I was REALLY a good girl I would’ve found a way to stop him from licking my pussy I mean he was actually eating me out after another man had fucked me and filled me with this cum!
And I looked down at him and watched as he licked away at my soaking wet pussy. This is so Fucking naughty I thought. Even for me this is just so naughty.
But it actually turned me on. So Fucking Hott! Watching Josh slurping up another man’s cum from my pussy made me cum so hard right into his mouth and I held his head and lifted my pussy up towards his face and rubbed my pussy all over him. Fuck Yeah!!
Well Josh seemed happy enough and didn’t suspect a thing.
I’m no longer with Josh but there are still times when I masturbate thinking about what a dirty girl I was = )…danablog1
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