Most Have A Hot Babysitter Story Or Two

Most have a hot babysitter story or two, I’m sure. When I was younger and used to babysit a lot, many times I’d bring a girlfriend with me to help pass the time. Once the kids went to bed, we could mostly just watch t.v. and get paid for it. One time though, I got nosy and went snooping around the parent’s bedroom. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for, I just wanted to see what I could find. I certainly found something. And  I found a wall safe behind a picture that was unlocked with lots of cash in it. I didn’t think they would miss a bit, so I took some and gave some to my friend as well. What we did not know was the father had come home early and was standing right behind us.

We Were Caught In The Act

I turned around, literally, with my hands full of his money. My jaw dropped in shock. My friend dropped the cash that was in her hand and made a squeaking noise and froze. He looked angry. He closed the door behind him. I didn’t know what he would do. He then stated we had two choices. We could either have our parents and the police called and face the consequences, or have sex with him and each other. Young lesbian sex turned him on. We were speechless. Our greed and impulsiveness had brought us to this.

He Got Undressed And Joined Us

My friend and I quickly consulted with one another about our options. Parental punishment and criminal records did not hold much appeal. So we did what he asked for sexually. He looked pleased with our choice. He told us to strip and get on the bed. And He was going to fuck us both. We quickly got undressed and got on the king-sized bed. I noticed the bulge in his jeans.  And He too got undressed and joined us. He had a large cock and it was twitching with the anticipated excitement to come. He said he really liked a naughty babysitter story like this one. It was like some porn plot lines he’d seen, and he laughed.

He Put Us Both To Good Use

He laid on his back and had me ride him and told my friend to begin masturbating while she laid beside him.  And He really seemed to enjoy this a lot. And  He then told me to get off of him and sixty-nine with her while he masturbated. That didn’t last too long since he fucked her doggy style while I licked her pussy underneath her. He put us both to good use while telling us what sexy little thieves we were. He shot his load into her, and his cum dripped into my mouth. It did not take him long to get hard again.

I Had To Admit It Felt Really Good

He said he wanted to watch us scissor one another, so we got into the position he wanted us in and bumped and grind one another. Our tits were grazing one another, and even though we hadn’t asked for this, I had to admit it felt good. My pussy got wet and was smacking against my friends. His eyes were as wide as saucers as he watched us rub our pussies against one another. His dick was so hard. He crawled over to us and offered me his cock to suck while I bumped against her. I opened my mouth and took it in, tasting its salty sweetness. He shoved it down my throat until I gagged on its sheer size. He then took it from my mouth and offered it to her, alternating between us.  And He fucked our mouths back and forth like this.

He Said We Were Good Little Sluts

When he got ready to blow yet another load, he told us both to open our mouths. He gave us a squirt or two each and we swallowed his essence. I eventually came from rubbing myself against my friend and I felt her shudder with release as well seconds after I did. It drenched our pussies with our cum and he told us to dip our fingers into it and then lick them. We did as we were told. He said we were good little sluts for having taken our orders and they would take no legal action over our thievery against him. I think we learned our lesson not to take anything that doesn’t belong to us again. We promised to never do it again. It was a babysitter story I’d never imagined myself in, that’s for sure.

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