Not all hot babysitter sex stories are about the parents.

Some babysitter sex stories are also about naughty boys. Charlie was a spoiled boy. I think his parents often went away just to get a break from him, as I’m quite sure he didn’t need any supervision to stay home. He was a handful, and our activities were almost always the same- playing basketball outside, swimming races, and playing Mario Kart at night in pajamas. He insisted on these activities until he ran upstairs, into the bathroom, and loudly jerked himself off. I didn’t say anything, of course, trying to be a professional about it.

But one day Charlie got the jump on me. We were playing hide and seek through the house, and I managed to trip over a taped entryway. With a slam, I fell onto the ground, and immediately Charlie showed up behind me, handcuffing my hands together. “Ha! Got you!” He sat on my ass, and suddenly his movement stopped.

“What are you doing?” I demanded, wary. There wasn’t anything I could do though, as he placed his hands on the small of my back, lifting up my shirt. I tried to kick him off, but he remained in place, touching my lower back. I heard him take in a breath, and suddenly his hands were all over my back, my shirt moving as upwards as it could. “Get off!”

His hands didn’t stop. He leaned over to smell my hair, his hot breath panting in my ear. His pelvis jerked as his hands touched my breasts, and something hard oozed alongside my back. I shut my eyes in embarrassment. “You’re going to be like one of those magazine girls for me,” he told me, and his hands moved from my breasts to the front of my shorts, unzipping them. Light, exploratory touches moved down my shorts, down my panties, until his hands were in my bush. He gasped as he tugged on it, and I tried one last time to push him off of me, bucking up. But he pulled my shorts down to keep my legs somewhat locked together.

I squeezed my eyes together in one tense, tight moment, dreading what might happen next, and more so, dreading he would find out-

“It’s so wet down here. I don’t even need lube.” His fingers traced along the lips of my labia, searching for my entrance. When he found it, he put one finger in, and then two. “So wet. How do you girls stay this wet all the time?”

I couldn’t bear to tell him. I couldn’t say it was because I was turned on, or because my body wanted to be fucked. If I did, he’d never let me live it down, demanding to fuck all the time. And those would go into my babysitter sex stories hall of shame.

And then I felt his tongue. I jerked up, panting. He laughed. “Does this feel good?” he asked, voice half in wonder as I moaned while he licked me. “Oh, I bet it does, doesn’t it, Elise? But my magazine girls need something else, too. I’ll bet you’ll like it.”

My legs were still caught together, so there wasn’t much room in my thighs for his cock. Somehow, that made him feel all the bigger, and I bit my lip to keep myself from begging for him to finish it. When he pushed in, though, I couldn’t hold back my moans any longer.

“Damn, you’re tight,” he breathed and thrust into my pussy, bareback. “And so hot. And Soft.” He gasped as he kept rutting, no finesse. Just a little jackrabbit pounding away into my pussy. I arched my back, but he didn’t notice how I was trying to help him fuck me better.

It didn’t take long for him to cum, and he kept it all inside me, laughing while he sprayed his load all over my insides, unaware he was risking pregnancy. “I like this game,” he told me. “Let’s play it every week.”

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