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Role play stories! Cum find out if I’m a naughty girl or a virgin! I know you love a tight young teen so let me be your naughty little fuck toy! I have seen you looking at me the way a man looks at a beautiful woman. My tight young body just begging to be explored for the first time. I know I look innocent but you know you can corrupt me by saying all the right things. You know I am too young but you just have to feel my tight virgin pussy wrapped around your thick cock.  I know we will have a lot of naughty fun together!

So after your date with your wife that you found dreadful… But now the night is looking up because you get to see me. As you walk in the door the kids are in bed and your wife goes straight upstairs to take a bath, she knows you will make sure I make it home alright. Walking into the living room where I am sitting I sit up a little straighter and smooth out my skirt. Fidgeting nervously. “So Are you ready to take me home?” I ask in a sweet young voice.

Your eyes wander looking me up and down I can tell you are noticing me now that I have small breasts. I act as tho I don’t notice you undressing me with your eyes. Standing up all of a sudden you startle me making me jump, you hold your hand out to me as if I should take it and I do letting you lead me down the rabbit hole.

Role play stories! Cum pop my cherry!

You bring me to your man cave in the basement because you know that your wife won’t go down there. Putting your finger over your lips you tell me to be quiet and hold my hands above my head and push me against a wall. Your other hand is feeling my new perky tits and pinching my nipples, it takes everything inside of me not to moan. Leaning in you give me a kiss deep and passionate exploring my mouth with yours. You push my skirt up and slide your hand into my panties. I grab your hand and whisper in your ear “be gentle I’m a virgin.” He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me to my knees showing me how to be a good cock sucking slut.

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