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Make Me Dumb: Bimbofication and the Mind Melter

As an avid Tumblr user, I’ve came across many fetishes. Anything can be fo...

College Sex Stories: Pin Your Dick In My Tight Hole!

Pin the Dick In My Tight Fuck Hole!

Being Mexican, Cinco de Mayo was always a blast when I was growing up. Good food...

Parking Lot Forced Gang Bang

Forced Gang Bang: I can have some pretty intense dreams!

As a freshman  I walked home every evening after soccer practice, and that day ...

Richie's BBC Cuckold

Richie’s First BBC Cuckold

Richie was my pet, he loved when I humiliated him. He loved being dressed up in ...

My First Orgasm.

My First Orgasm

As an awkward teenage girl, I had a normal teenage life. I loved dancing to pop ...

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