Being Mexican, Cinco de Mayo was always a blast when I was growing up. Good food, family all around, and friends was how the holiday was celebrated. In my teen years, once rebellion started to happen and a curiosity for alcohol began, I used it as an excuse to have a few drinks.

As a senior in high school, I dated a college freshman named Matt. He was your All-American guy. Blue eyes, blonde, and a body that must of taken him hours in a gym to achieve. Like an All-American  college guy he loved drinking and sex, and whenever we hang out that’s pretty much what we used to do. Last Cinco de Mayo it will be one I will never forget. Matt invited to his frat house for a night of tequila shots. After a few margaritas, two or three games of beer pong, and some shots, I went from Matt’s sexy trophy girl, to inta-slut. I became so horny, I want it dick, not just Matt’s dick, but all his friends at the party. Obviously I wasn’t the only girl, but I was sure I was the hottest girl in that party.

I came up with an idea to make it fun for all the sexy frat boys in that party. We were going to play a game, the name was going to be called, Pin the Dick in Adriana. The game was easy, I would be in all fours blinded folded and the guys would pick a fuck hole and it was going to be theirs, until they were ready to bust a big load. The first guy picked my asshole. I felt him open up my ass cheeks, spit right in my tight hole and stick his hard cock right inside it. He pounded my ass nice and slow, till he gave me a hot creamy pie. The second, picked my mouth, I felt his hand on my chin. I felt his cock touch the back of my throat and violently face fucking. Holding my nose closed as I gagged, and slobber on his cock. I couldn’t even feel when he came, I just felt his delicious cum down my throat. By this time my pussy was begging to be fucked. I could feel my juiced dripping, combined with cum oozing out of my asshole. I felt someone grab me by my arm, and pushing me down on a huge cock as I was sitting on it. It was going to be my ass again, but another guy had joined, too. There were no ruled to the game so I was excited for them to destroy me. As one guy was fucking me in the ass, the other stood in front of me, playing with my wet pussy till he stuck his dick deep inside me. I was stuffed, and I could feel my pussy contract in pleasure as both guys pumped, and thrust their hard cocks inside me. After them I lost count of how many dicks I had, my asshole and pussy were numb and I could feel cum dripping everywhere. At this time I took off my blindfold, when I did the party had turned into the perfect college orgy. When I did this, four guys were waiting for me, stroking their cock, I knew exactly what to do. I crawled in front of them and let me abuse my mouth, and almost in sync, the four guys covered my makeup smeared face with their warm loads.

Cinco de Mayo will always remain my favorite holiday.



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