As an awkward teenage girl, I had a normal teenage life. I loved dancing to pop songs, I loved texting and I loved my best friend Vanessa. We had met back in first grade and were always together after that. Physically we were the total opposites. I was dark haired, slightly tan, big brown eyes. I’ve always had some curves on me too, even at that young age. Vanessa, she was perfect to me, she had light, almost blonde hair and her eyes were bright green.

She was very slim and her skin was pale. Now, at thirteen years-old we were inseparable. I’m talking, dressing the same, being obsessed with the same boy, and of course sleepovers. Sleepovers were the highlights of our summers.

Summers in the part of Mexico that I’m from are brutal. Even at nights you can breath in pure hotness almost like standing next to a bonfire. One night, in that summer heat, Vanessa and I were in my bedroom talking about her boyfriend Damian, the dirty things they would do behind the auditorium and her first orgasm. We were alone, like most of the times then Vanessa suddenly said that she was feeling hot. Must of been all that talk. We were already lounging around in our panties, and thin cotton shirts so she said she was going to take a shower. It wasn’t unusual for this to happen since it was almost “bedtime”, but she asked me if I want it to join her. I had my own full bathroom, the perks of being my parents favorite child, so as she walked towards the door she took off her shirt, left only her panties on, turned to look at me and asked “coming?”. I nervously and clumsily stood up and did the same. I walked in my bathroom in only my panties and saw her already turning on the shower. She hopped in the shower, removing her panties before and I followed her. There we were, two thirteen year-old girls standing in front of each other, nude as the cold water hit our teenage bodies. She, in an abrupt move, kissed me and I kissed her back. Her lips were soft and our small perky tits were now rubbing against each other. We kissed for what seem an eternity, then I felt her hand reach around my ass and squeeze it. I slowly moved my hand down towards her pussy, and slowly touched her soft bare lips. I could feel my pussy get soaking wet every time her tongue caressed my tongue. I could now feel her wetness on my fingertips. We stopped kissing, she pushed me and now my back was pressed against the cold tiled wall. She got close to me, and with one hand started to finger my pussy. It hurt at first, only in the initial push. Her middle finger was sliding in and out my wet pussy, and as she did it she started to suck on my nipples. I started to moan loud, and felt something I’ve never felt. I finally let go, and came on her finger, I felt my pussy contract and as she felt it too, came up and started to kiss me. There we were again, two thirteen year-old standing in front of each other, soaked in cold water, with hard nipples and wet pussies. She walked out, giggled as she did and said, “I told you Damian taught me how”.

After that our night went uneventful, we both got into our pajamas, laid in my bed, and talked some more about random things. She will always remain my best friend, almost like a sister to me, and the first one to make me cum. Till this day, I still wonder what she tastes like.



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