As an avid Tumblr user, I’ve came across many fetishes. Anything can be found in the world or reblogs with just a search. A few months ago, while trying to search for submissive images, I came across a very interesting fetish. Bimbofication.

Now, let’s begin by explaining the very commonly used word bimbo. A bimbo is an attractive, empty headed woman usually referred to as a sex object. Add the “ication” to bimbo, and you have the process or journey to becoming a bimbo, a sex object, the perfect fuck doll.


Close your eyes and imagine the ever so popular Kim Kardashian. Let’s examine her bimbo look from head to toe, starting with her face. Make up should always be perfect. Flawless! When it comes to clothing, the less the better. A bimbo must show off her figure. Her huge tits, small waist and round ass. To achieve them obviously one must eat healthy and work out regularly. Looking good should become a full time job.


Let’s now think of that time Jessica Simpson asked if she was eating chicken or tuna. Being ditzy should come naturally. Now, let’s tons ways of achieving it permanently. This, I actually have done quite the research on. I’ve tested two ways towards becoming more care free. One is edging. Edging is masturbating, till reaching the point of almost cumming, and then stopping for a few seconds till the feeling goes away, and starting once again. This is supposed to make a bimbo sexually frustrated, making it difficult to concentrate. I must say to an extent, it does work. I edged for three days straight, and let me tell you guys, it is very difficult to concentrate at the begin, but I felt like my mind sort of adjusted to being “off”, and on the third day I could practically go on with my normal routine, which included thirty minutes of edging, which I divided into three-ten minute sessions. Two is mind melting. This one, to me could have some serious impact. I came across the infamous mind melter when one of my bimbo friends reblogged the file. What it is, is a recording, that has some sounds in a loop, and a very sexy voice playing in the background saying things like “love cock”, “be dumb”. I was very excited to try this one out, not going to lie. I laid in bed, played it in my phone with my headphones on, and listened to the file for about ten minutes. At first it sounds very creepy, but surprisingly, it works. I really felt empty headed for the next few hours. Literally, my mind was thoughtless. I felt happier, care free. I was smiling more, I was more pleasant. I believe that using the mind melter on a daily basis would really truly make a permanent impact on a bimbos IQ. Like I said before, there is many other ways that a bimbo could try, like for example, I’ve read that by playing with oneself, every time one does something silly, or forgets something, that the brain relates being “dumb” with the pleasure therefore unconsciously starting to be less intelligent to be rewarded with sex.

To me, bimbofication is a very, very attractive concept. Who doesn’t want to be the perfect fuck doll for her master? I know I would. I still keep playing the mind melter from time to time, if I feel any permanent changes, I will definitely keep you guys updated. I really just want to be the perfect fuck doll for your pleasure!



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