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Ass Worshiping is one of my favorite phone sex fetishes. There is something about the way I can pursued a man to do anything I want. It is extremely sexy to use my wicked powers as a humiliation tool.

Imagine yourself being humiliated. I demand you to crawl to me on your knees and making you beg. I get so extremely wet demeaning you to act like a hungry puppy dog.  Like a typical dog – burying your nose in-between my creamy thighs.  You can’t get enough, as you sniff and lick.

Are you available for a little sensual bondage? ( BDSM) Imagine as I tie you to the headboard and have my way with you. The aroma is intoxicating beyond belief. You can’t get enough of me. You are anxious. Your tongue is drooling with anticipation of the taste. You slip into my beautiful sweetheart ass, lapping every inch and savoring the moment. You can’t control yourself, as I suffocate you with my sexy superior ass.

Worshiping my ass is even better when a cuckolding husband is forced to clean me out. I love the role playing of the cheating wife. I enjoy being watched by the husband, as I get pounded by BBC ( Big Black Cock ).  Imagine yourself feeding the cock deep into my tight holes. You can’t take your eyes away. There is no reason. You know I’m enjoying ever minute. We can’t get enough as we continue the fantasy.

Let’s cum-pleting our taboo fantasies together. Satisfied yet? Do you need more? It’s time to dive into your cream pie dessert. The feast is yours for the taking. Ready to be my pet? I place a pink sparkly collar around your neck -make it official. You are MINE!!

There’s no question asked. Any given time I command you to eat my ass. Would you love to be my pet? Well then why aren’t you picking up the phone and calling me NOW?

I’m never limited to what I will talk about when it comes to SEX – anything goes. Fetish Masturbation is always one of the best phone sex experiences. We can role play the perfect ass worshiping experience. Maybe I will make you eat your cum or Teach you how to Suck Your Own Dick – Call me! You will never be the same, you will enjoy naughty fetish phone sex with this sexy Mistress/Goddess of phone sex. Every experience is geared to satisfy your personal needs.  Cum Play!

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Ass Worshiping



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