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If you are worthy, some Facesitting may even be on the menu tonight.  If I am so inclined a might just spread my legs wide open and sit on your face. You can lick all my pussy juices that have run down and soaked my hot little ass hole. Take your time, kiss lick and savor my beautiful ass. Anilingus will become your specialty.

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Bury your face right in between my butt cheeks. Roll your tongue, softly and slowly at first all around my beautiful starfish. Slowly push that tongue in and taste me. Everything about my ass is exceptional, and today, it is your turn to make me happy. Put your hands on my firm, soft perfectly shaped cheeks, pull them apart and dive right in. Lick, suck and kiss my perfect tight little shit hole. I want to hear the sounds of a good wet ass slurping session, but there will be no dick involved. If you don’t make me cum, I will make sure those balls of yours stay blue for a very long time.
So many possibilities when it comes to making sure my butt is happy. Facesitting, rim jobs, anal exploring, and tasting my freshly fucked asshole. Yes, if you are worthy I may let you suck out a nice big load of creamy cum right out of my full ass. Push those lips to my rim and suck all that thick creamy cum out of my tight sphincter. I’ll ride that face till I squirt you with my cream. Your face is the best seat in the house, and fit for a Queen like me. Push your tongue inside for some delicious ass worship. When you make me cum, I might just allow you to shoot on my cheeks and lick it all off. You have to make me cum hard though, I want a toe curling, body shaking orgasm. I want you to make me squirt all over your face.
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