Facesitting: The moment I walk into a room, he salivates

Facesitting: I’ve always been a dominate female, but the day I took my throne, I became Queen. Did I happen to mention that face sitting is where a true royal bitch places her ass? A real slave man always knows to make a place for his woman. My little puppet is what I needed today, and when I arrived home. He was waiting. Facesitting is one of the Best Sex Positions for multiple orgasms.
As I opened the door, this little bitch of a man was in the entry way on his back. He had a bib around his neck, and awaited my arrival. I couldn’t help but laugh a little bit. I swear his tongue had a hard-on for my pussy. The moment I walk into a room, he salivates. To be honest here, my pussy does taste amazing.

Face sitting can be quite addicting.

I always wear skirts for this very reason. Hiking the fabric up and around my waist, squatting over this man has him begging. I am leaving the panties on for now. Nothing like a barrier between the sweet goal, and the probing tongue, I’ve had him chew a hole in the past. Today I will make sure to spank his balls if he snags my favorite panties. Lick, suck, and wash my cunt lips through the fabric. Prove to me you deserve them removed.
5 inch fuck me heels by each ear, by cunt soaking wet, make me cum. A face ride to the highest source of pleasure, I want you jacking off your dick while I cry out in ecstasy. Who knew something a small as a tongue could make me cum harder than a cock. Oral skills must be on point if you enjoy face sitting. He is one of the best cunnilingus lovers. Take the panties off and eat me raw, I can’t deny a bareback ride on a smiling face. I’m ready. Are you?