Best Sex Positions: I love trying out new positions.

Some of the best sex positions end up being ones that you didn’t even try on purpose. Out of all of the sex stories I’ve heard this seems to be pretty common. You know the ones I’m talking about right? Say you roll over in bed and her ass brushes up against your cock. You end up fucking her from behind, lying on your side. Does it feel good because you were woken up by something feeling good and it’s like a dream? Or is it just a really good fucking position? The only way to find out is to try it again!

One of the things that I like the best during sex is having that cock go really deep! Whether he’s bending me over something, has me on all fours fucking me doggy style or has me on my back with my legs up over my head, as long as it’s nice and deep, I’m good to go! One thing I love about doggy style though is when he’s really pounding into my pussy I can feel his balls slapping against my clit. This sends waves of pleasure through my body while I’m getting fucked and makes me cum even harder.

So many people have different opinions of what the best sex positions are. With all cocks being different in size and shape it’s no wonder there are so many different favorites. I love trying out new positions. I think that’s the best part of hearing other people’s opinions on the subject. When I hear of a new position from someone it gets me excited to try it out. You know my dirty ass will try it all too! Give me a call and let me know what your idea of the best sex positions are. We’ll make a fun game of it and have some of the best phone sex while we’re at it.

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