I Love  Ass Play

I’d been being a bit nosy with my boyfriend and was looking through his browsing history, something I often do to keep tabs on him. I noticed several porn sites, not an unexpected find, but the type of porn was strap on porn. I had no idea he’d been interested in any sort of ass play. He’d never mentioned it or anything. I was watching some of the clips he’d seen and the women were quite dominant in them, I knew he’d wished I’d take charge a little more, so I thought maybe this was a good opportunity.


I stopped into a sex toy store after work and looked over the strap ons and got one I thought he might enjoy. It was going to be a surprise. I put it on before getting into bed and he stood there looking at me stunned. I said I thought we needed to mix things up a bit. I didn’t say how I got the idea, obviously I didn’t want him knowing I’d been snooping. He got a big grin on his face and was very enthusiastic. He asked if I was sure, and I said oh yes, get on all fours! I’d never done anything with his ass before, but figured this was what he wanted, so I lubed up the toy and started to slide it inside. He groaned with pleasure and I had the feeling he might have been using toys in secret I didn’t know about since he just seemed not surprised by the sensation and he didn’t flinch or tighten up in any way, so I think this ass had seen some action.

I didn’t need to force it at all, it had been stretched before. He said he loved the way it felt and honestly the feeling of power I now had over him was unlike what I’d experienced with him up until now. I now thought my taking a more dominant role had its advantages. I liked owning his ass and it turned me on having that power. He was stroking his cock as I fucked him and he was making noises I’d never heard him make before, noises of pleasure and satisfaction and I was glad to make him happy. After he came, he asked why I’d thought to do this, that he’d been fantasizing about this and yes, he had been using toys on himself and he loved the powerful orgasms they brought on when he played with his ass with the prostate massager.

I said I’d read an article about how many men live their asses played with and I thought I would try the strap on and see if it was a hit, and it sure was, no doubt about it. He was glad and had a wonderful time and wanted to know if I’d ever had any thoughts f my ass being fucked and I said we could try that, sure, let me get the lube and let’s give it a whirl. We had one evening filled with ass induced orgasms, I can tell you.

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