Ass licking! I’ll be your ass cream sundae, baby! Lick it!

What girl doesn’t love a little ass licking?! A girl would have to be crazy to hate it. Seriously! I’m a simple kind of girl… Hi, I’m Bailey. I love music, long walks in the moonlight on a cold winter’s night, kittens, video games, and ass licking! I will bend over and let you lick my cute little ass clean.

Treat me like a sundae… put me upside down, stick my ass up in the air, spread my cute cheeks, and… wait a minute. Did you think I was just going to tell you to lick my ass?! Haha, don’t be silly. I want you to lick me with a little more patience. Tell me exactly how you will start… every.. little.. move. I want to know. The more I know, the more my imagination runs wild.

You come home from work, ready to take that suit off and wanting to scream. You take off your tie and kick off your shoes. And you start rubbing your temples and trying to exhale the day. And I come sauntering in… with nothing but a smile on. You smirk and grab me by the hand.. and make me sit on your lap. You kiss my lips and bite my bottom lip a little bit.

Making sure I know that you have been thinking about this release from mundane life all day.

You spank my tight ass and suck on my nipples. Making sure they are hard and making sure you turn me on more. I giggle as you caress every inch of my ass… and spank it every now and then. You pull away and just lick your lips at me.. thinking about me being your little after-work treat. I rub your cock on the outside of your pants but you want to give me something first.

You quickly flip me upside down and push my knees up to my chest. My little asshole right on your chin… ready to be licked and sucked on. With your right hand, you give my little pussy a spank and rub my clit.. then you lay your tongue right on my asshole. And start licking it. Around.. and around.. up and down. All as you rub my dripping wet pussy. All of this ass licking and I’m your little ass cream sundae.

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