My step dad loves to spank me when I am a bad girl

My stepdad loves to spank me. I swear! I can be such a naughty little girl when mommy isn’t home. And he punishes me hard. Once, I hung out after school with my boyfriend and got into BIG trouble with daddy. Mommy was working late that night and I didn’t know daddy would be so mad at me!

So, my boyfriend picked me up from school in his Camaro. I was just so excited to see him since he had been suspended for smoking on school grounds.. but I love bad boys and don’t care. I love this boy! So, he took me dinner and got me some food and then we went to his friend’s house and had a little party. I smoked a little pot, drank like one beer, and had to go home around 8. I didn’t want to be too late.

My boyfriend dropped me home and as soon as I walk in the door… I hear daddy sternly say my name from the living room. I went to him.. and he was not happy. He yelled at me about where I had been and then sat down calmly on the chair in the corner of the room. He sighed and told me to pull down my pants and panties and bend over his knee.

I knew what he wanted to do.. and I wanted it too.

For some strange reason, I loved getting a spanking from daddy. I tried not to smile and bent over his knee. Daddy raised his big arm above his head and gave me a good wallop on the ass! I flinched and bit my lip.. and started to cry as he laid into me with his open palm on my ass. And I started feeling my little cunt getting wetter and wetter.

That night daddy spanked me good. He spanked my pussy too. Just to show me that I am a bad little girl! Which, I am. And then daddy began to finger fuck me from behind right before mommy walked in the door. She didn’t catch us, thankfully. But, she did know that I was in big trouble and knew I had gotten a spanking since I couldn’t sit down for the new 2 days.

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