Finger fuck me while we play Dungeons & Dragons

I love tabletop games! I love RP… And I love nerdy things. I cannot help it! It brings out the fantasy and really turns me on. Sexy paladins in armor, clerics with secrets under their robes, and plenty of fun when I am done playing! I need to get off afterward with all the roleplay that happens. My favorite times are when my friend comes to play D&D with my group. He always makes sure I get exactly what I need. 😉 A good finger fuck story is always in order! Hehe!


So, I play D&D, I am sure a lot of you know that. I love the roleplay and the races and classes. There is something very sexy about it. I cannot help but get really wet when I play! And I need a helping hand every now and then.. since I can’t roll my dice while playing with my pussy under the table! I always make sure to invite a special friend. Because this friend always knows exactly what I need.

The first time it happened we set everything up in the gaming area. I made sure to wear an extra short skirt so my friend could see up it and catch a glimpse of my cute thong. He was biting his lip as I was drawing on the grid since the DM (Dungeon master) asked me to. I could tell that my friend wanted to do something for me.. but we didn’t have the time! We sat down.. and began to play.

A few moments later everyone was on their way to where our quest was taking us. Everyone had to roll for the initiative which ALWAYS means there was a monster around. And there it was, a fucking construct.. a golem who was ready to kill every last one of us. I grab my d20 and roll it around in my hand.. my crusader was ready to kick some ass.. and my pussy was starting to get my panties soaked.


I got a text. It was from my friend sitting next to me… “Hey.. ur getting wet arent u? 😉 Need me to finger fuck you???” I just looked over to him and grinned while I sat back and spread my legs. I felt him slide up my thigh and under my panties. The DM called me and told me I was up… I rolled my d20 as Devin’s finger slid into my cunt…

For the end of this hot finger fuck story.. give me a call. 😉 I will let you know how good it felt and if we beat the golem. Hehe!

Are you into D&D? How about ass licking? Or maybe you like findom…
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