What is ASMR sex talk you ask?

We’ll get to what ASMR sex talk is but first let discuss what ASMR is.  First of all, ASMR ultimately means a sound that makes you feel a tingling sensation. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response to be correct. A sound that gives you a very satisfying stimulation/or tingling feeling starting from your scalp. For that reason, that trigger will give you the glorious, satisfying goosebumps all over. It varies from a whisper to a sound made by you or and object. It can be fingernails tapping, soft whispers, the sound of your cock slapping against a clit. Or two hot college girls embarking in on a scissoring session and the sound of their wetness just drives you wild.

Because ASMR is in itself something that is bacillary a brain stimulate it can be considered sexual. In fact, no penetration is necessary when experiencing this mysterious pleasuring phenomenon. Let’s just sit back and be in awe of this amazing trend that gives those soothing triggers.

Now onto ASMR sex talk.

I describe ASMR sex talk into me allowing a descriptive way for you to dive into my world. I’m calm, smooth, and very slow with you. Almost like with my hypnotic phone sex, I slowly pull you in. Some don’t know how to make you feel as if you’re here…in the same room. That’s where the triggering powers of ASMR come in.

How can this be done over the phone you ask? This can seem impossible or even seem like bs but is all real. Just like I said, connecting with your senses is the key to it all. As you start to throb and grow in your pants you’ll hear how wet I am. Or how deep and intense my breathing gets. You will get to hear my soft lips wrapped around your hard member. The sound of my breath as I take you into my mouth slowly and start to suck.

Well, that’s one way ASMR sex talk can be described.

Another way to describe ASMR sex talk is all about sexual sounds. Of course, knowing what the mood will be upon entering into the situation. Soft breathing will be the start of that particular sessions. The whispering of where the touching is.

Him, “breathing…:

me, “nails gliding over my hard nipples”

him, “moans”

me, “tongue flickering”….and so on.

Your brain is in control of your daily living and this seems to hit those trigger points just right. It hit it in just a way that you don’t really have to do anything to partake in it. It’s just that experience that is mind-blowing, Let me tell you, there are so many different types of triggers that will result in an instant result from the brain.

Here are a couple of examples of ASMR sex talk.

I could be playing with my dildo for you. Of course, you’ll be about to hear all of the sounds of my performance. My breathing from the feeling of how the dildo feels in me. The wet sound of my cunt as I slide it in and out. My very soft voice as I describe what I am doing with that kinky sex toy. Ending with a soft orgasm.

I have a client that just loves for me to blow. This client loves different levels of blowing with me whispering what my blowing does to him. Me, softly blowing then whispering, “ my soft breath has your cock so hard that you have to take your pants off”. He pulls his pants off for me then I start a constant rhythmic blowing for him. Just that sound of the air leaving my body will certainly have him on the edge.

Another, more common ASMR sex talk example is the sound of me sucking a cock or spanking my bottom. These are my favorites to do as well. What man doesn’t like to have his cock sucked? All of them of course. The sound of you gagging on a hard cock them slurping all over it is beyond amazing. As for the spanking I having paddles galore. I usually seel to my clients so that we can enjoy playing together. With that phone close to their ear they will enjoy it as the slapping sound echos and the tingling builds.

Do you have and ASMR likes or loves?

Have you ever thought about it? Just to experience the sound, furthermore, the sexual pleasure or the sound of something that gives you sexual pleasure. It’s odd but most noteworthy glorifying pleasure of the senses. That’s unlike and ordinary orgasm, as a result, giving you a whole-body satisfying when you finally take the chance to dive into it.