Arousing Flirty Tales from Your Mistress of Kink!

Can’t think of arousing flirty tales on your own? Well, thank GOD you can have me! In particular, I can spin a tale better than anyone and giving you all the details really turns me on. I just love weaving a story that’s just for you coupled with proven techniques to make you cum hard.

Even though,m we don’t know each other yet, all you’ve gotta do is give me a thought to work with. For example, you secretly jerk it best when you think about the lady down the road who used to pick you up from school for your Mama and every time she hugged you your head filled with her heavenly scent. Let me bring her back to you.

Now that you can actually do something about those naughty thoughts what will you choose?

Hmm. How about the co-worker who wears the glasses, but you just tell that underneath that tight hair bun on top of her head, there’s a seductress. I know you’ve thought about being alone after work with her. unpinning her hair and removing her spectacles! Maybe sliding a hand up her warm, soft thighs and feeling her beginning to get wet for you?

Saw your Mama naked after a shower and caught a glimpse of her sweet snatch?  Well, I won’t tell, Darlin’! I just wanna help you relive it all. Every salacious moment of that denial.

No one needs to know about your indecent motivations, right?

The purpose of fantasy is that it’s yours alone and no one else gets to glimpse inside until you allow them entry. So, shouldn’t the Ultimate GFE Phone Sex  you’ve ever had come from a stranger like me? I can’t see you, but I can touch you with my voice and my own naughty thoughts. Arousing flirty tales can run the gamut from Trashy and Sassy all the way to Sensual and Seductive. The main point is that you get to gain control, or completely lose it with me. I’ll even hold your leash if you’d like.

Need a sweet little girlfriend, or a wife that’s not yours? Gotcha covered there too. Anything you want is here to be found and every time is unique when you call me.

Hot Mommy Phone Sex is your thing?

Gear yourself up to do things with Mommy that’ll make you blush as soon as you see her, Sugar! Or, better yet, let Mama take you by force. Is that what you need? From Giantess to Incest and everything in between,  I’m more turned on the nastier we can get. Are you up to the challenge of phone sex with a gal who just can’t stop cumming? I swear it! I’m turned on from “Hello”! So, sit or lie back and let me handle everything, especially you.  Isn’t it time for you to just say what you want and how you feel without any judgments like you currently get?

Freedom may have found YOU if you’re reading this. I just love to hear you twitch while you’re ready to cum. What the hell do ya think GOD gave you two hands for? Use one on your dick and the other to dial my number!

You can always get more arousing flirty tales from your Mistress of Kink! Life is short! If you’d rather take the ride worth taken, call me!

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