Celebrating the New Year with a Holiday Fuck Party!

To celebrate the start of 2021 and say good riddance to 2020, my boyfriend and I went on holiday to a popular ski resort. We immediately dressed to hit the slopes as soon as we got there. Of course, I dressed in a cute formfitting white ski outfit. My boyfriend called me a cute little snow bunny. I laughed and told him, “That’s funny because we’re going to fuck like rabbits later tonight.” He tried to convince me to fuck him right then but I wanted to make him wait. I love teasing him and flirting with other guys. He gets so riled up that it makes our fucking all the more intense. Little did I know a holiday fuck party was in our future. 

We skied until we exhausted ourselves then went back to the room to rest. We stripped naked and got into the hot tub. My boyfriend couldn’t keep his hand off me. No matter how many times we’ve fucked, he can’t get enough of my body, especially my huge tits. Can you really blame him though? 

I let him squeeze and suck them as much as he wanted but I still made him wait to actually put it in me. I knew there was an après-ski party, which just means an after ski party. They can get a little out of control since everyone just wants to let loose,  drink, and dance after a long day of skiing. Since I am the best girlfriend ever, I planned to make my boyfriend jealous tonight at the party so we could have a wildly passionate fuck session tonight. I couldn’t wait!

A Holiday Fuck Party to Remember!

Everyone usually comes dressed in their ski outfit to the après-ski party. So, I wore my ski boots, a warm white jacket, and a matching white bikini underneath. What can I say? I love the attention!

We got to the party a little late and it was in full swing. Everyone was wild and drunk and grinding against each other on the dance floor. I couldn’t wait to join in. We bought drinks then headed straight for the middle of the dance floor. All eyes were on my tight little bikini body, of course. I turned to the guys around me and started dancing up on them, not even paying attention to my boyfriend anymore. The three guys gladly held my body close and rubbed their stiff cocks up against me. They grabbed my ass, my big tits, and one started to make out with me. I was hoping my boyfriend was watching everything.  

I Love Making Him Jealous

Suddenly, one guy took down my bikini bottoms and started licking my clit, right there on the dance floor! I looked around and people were starring. But it seemed to spark something in everyone and started a chain reaction. Soon, other couples were stripping down to fuck. Some guys were getting blow jobs. Some girls were getting their clits licked just like me. It was turning into a full-blown holiday fuck party! 

I guess my boyfriend couldn’t take it anymore because he came over and pushed the three guys off of me. Then the jealousy took over and he needed to fuck me. He stripped me naked except for my snow boots, pulled out his throbbing cock, lifted me off the ground and I straddled his waist. He fucked me so good and intense, right there in the middle of the dance floor. I love making him jealous! 


Do you want to go to a holiday fuck party with me?

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