When my husband was up for his last promotion, he dragged me to every client cocktail party and after a while, I dreaded going.  Most of the people in attendance were a bit stuffy and snooty, and the idea of having small talk with them was painful.   My husband is a wonderful conversationalist and had no trouble at all, rubbing elbows and kissing the right ass.  Typically, I found myself wandering around aimlessly, trying to avoid having to socialize with the “gentry”.

During one of these events, I stepped out of the ballroom and into the hotel lobby to get away.  I saw that across the way, there was a lounge with a piano player so I wandered over to listen.  As I stood watching, I felt someone approach me from behind and thinking it was my husband coming to bring me back, I turned quickly and said, “Sorry, honey, I just needed a break…” I stopped, looking into the deep blue eyes of a handsome stranger.  Embarrassed, I smiled.

“What a beautiful smile.”  he commented.  His deep voice instantly turned me on and I quickly turned away from him.  “A break from what?” he asked.

Not understanding, I turned to face him again.  “Sorry?”

“You were telling your honey just now that you needed a break.  A break from what?” he asked, looking deep into my eyes.

“Oh…that.  Yeah, I was over there” I pointed towards the ballroom, “ and I needed to be… over here.”  What the fuck happened to my ability to form a sentence all of a sudden?

“Ohhhhh.” he said, mockingly.  “Now, I see.”

“I’m attending a corporate event this evening and I found it to be excruciatingly dull so I took my leave to gallivant.”  I said, gaining a bit more confidence.

“Well then, you’re in luck.  I think I can provide you with an alternate and more pleasurable activity.”  he said.

“Such as?”  I asked, really beginning to like this guy.

Without a word, he took my hand and led me outside the hotel and led me to a waiting limo.  He led me to the door and we climbed in.  “Where’s the driver?” I asked.

“I’m the driver.” he said and laughed.  “My client is attending the same boring event that you are.”

Without another word, he pulled his pants and boxers off and grabbed his stiff cock.

“You seem pretty sure of yourself, don’t you?” I asked, a bit insulted that he thought I was that easy.

He stopped stroking it and aked, “Do you want to just go back to your party?”

Fuck it, I WAS that easy.  I pulled my dress up and he helpfully removed my panties.  He bent his head and took a deep inhale, smelling my pussy as he opened my lips with his fingers.  He put his warm tongue on my clit and flicked his tongue around a bit as I writhed around, holding his head in place.

He eased his cock inside me and pumped it with long and quick thrusts.  He kissed me, sliding his tongue into my mouth, in and out, matching the rhythm of his strokes.  I moaned as he hit spots I didn’t know I had.  I tried at first to delay my orgasm but then gave into it, bucking my hips upward and slamming my cunt down on him hard.  He groaned and grabbed my hips as he watched me orgasm and I felt each jet of cum as he exploded inside me.

We lay there for a minute, panting and repeating “oh god” and “fuck” over and over.  I sat up and reached for my panties.  He caught my wrist.

“You’re not leaving yet, are you?”  he asked, sounding a little desperate.

“I will be missed if I don’t return soon… so yeah, I gotta go!”  I kissed his crestfallen face and jumped out of the limo, hurrying back to the ballroom.  As I walked in, I noticed my husband, looking around with a hint of concern on his face but then he spotted me, smiled and motioned me over.  I smiled back and walked quickly over and realized that I never got the name of the guy who just gave me the fastest orgasm I’ve ever had.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with a little anonymous sex, is there?

Steamy Sabrina


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