This anime sex game is some studio’s labor of love, and it shows.

I’ve written about another nostalgia with other flash sex games,  and this anime sex flash game is another one of my old favorites.

Cheerleader Sex is one of those simple sex flash games that doesn’t have any plot. There’s no struggling to get the cheerleader in bed, no worries about which answer will get her to fuck you, or plugging through mindless hours to rub one off. Cheerleader sex is straight to the point. There is a cheerleader. You are having sex with her.

The controls are plenty easy. Either you manually move the male character with your mouse, or else you slap on the automatic fucker ticker in the left-hand portion of the screen, and decide if you want to rub, fuck her pussy, or fuck her ass slowly, mediumly, or quickly. And you can have a combination of any of the nine going on at once. It makes it easy for me to sit back and watch her get fucked the way I want her to be.

But what I love about most about this game are the details.

After cumming inside her for so long, her face starts to change. She’ll almost cry when I pull out of her and I make her wait before I move again. And those tears will stay unshed on her face even as I pick up the pace, remaining until her eyes roll to the back of her head with one orgasm, puffs of air appear by her mouth in another orgasm, and her tongue is flopping about while she gets a good hard dicking through her third. If you wait, this girl gets wrecked.

There’s a subtle backstory- you’re the marching band guy, given the uniform. And by clicking on her clothes, you can make them disappear and reappear. You click to keep her boots or her pom-poms. Click for her hair up or down, her uniform completely on.

Covering her in cum, of course, takes several minutes. Each time you think she’s completely covered in cum, something new happens. Cum suddenly fills her pussy and drips out, or it flies all the way to her face.

There’s so much detail in this game. It turns me on like a charm, and I always let myself enjoy the idea of fucking the pretty blond cheerleader bitch.


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