Animal sex is so taboo, but Janet LOVES it!

I know you remember my friend Janet. She’s a dirty girl who loves animal sex! The other day she came over and told me a really naughty story about a big dog that she played with. It sounded like his owner was a lot of fun, too!

The first time I talked about Janet on this blog, she fucked my neighbor and his dog. Apparently, she couldn’t get enough! When she came over to my house the other day, she couldn’t wait to tell me all about the new guy she met-and, of course, his dog!

We poured a couple of drinks and I settled in because I knew it was going to be a good story!

She told me there was a new guy in her neighborhood and she walked over to say hi. His giant dog ran out to greet her first. a big Bernese Mountain Dog! Her neighbor came out after and he was hot! Dark brown hair, blue eyes, huge shoulders, and a huge bulge in his pants.

She introduced herself and he welcomed her inside. It didn’t take long until Janet was rubbing on his cock through his jeans.

She pulled off his pants, got on her knees and started to suck on his cock.

As she sucked and his cock started to get harder, she felt a cold nose lifting up her skirt. She wasn’t wearing any panties, so once he had moved her skirt up, he just started licking her pussy. Janet wasn’t sure what her neighbor would think, but he was watching his dog and seemed to enjoy it.

She kept sucking on his cock and then the dog mounted her. His big cock found her pussy and then he started to pound it into her. She felt the cock in her mouth get even harder as her neighbor watched his dog fuck her. He was about to cum and she was pretty sure his dog was, too. She felt the hot cum in her pussy just before she tasted the cum in her mouth.

Her new neighbors are very happy to be in the neighborhood!

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