Animal Sex Has to be Hotter When the Dick is Bigger, Right?

My friend Lavender had never thought about animal sex, but she went down to her family’s farm a few weeks ago and that changed really quickly. I made her tell me the whole thing and now it’s time to share the hot fun she had down in the barn!

It was early afternoon when Lavender got to the farm, but she was very tired from traveling. She went to take a nap.  A loud neighing awakened her. Lavender had been having a really hot dream about her sexy neighbor, but the noise continued. Curious that no one was concerned, she thought she had better go investigate.

She knew the family mare was in heat and the young stallion was likely smelling her scent. Her cousin had said that when this happened yesterday, the ranch hand had calmed the horse down by talking to it and brushing its coat.

She picked up a brush and the horse began to calm as she brushed him. As she approached its hindquarters Lavender gasped in surprise. The stallion had a huge erection hanging from its belly.

“That thing must be 15 inches long”, she said to herself.

Flashes of her dream came back to her and she just kept looking at that huge cock. That was all she needed, horny and a huge cock just a few inches from her. As she brushed, she realized she was working up a sweat. Looking around and seeing no one, she removed her shirt.

There Had to be Another Way to Calm Him…

The stallion became agitated again because she had stopped her brushing. He bucked up and whinnied loudly. Lavender rushed back to calm him down. She couldn’t help but look under his belly again. If anything the cock was bigger.

She began brushing his lower belly, crouching down to reach. The big cock bobbed only inches from her hand. Then the horse took a step to toward Lavender knocking her off balance. She grabbed out to keep from falling and caught herself by holding onto the large, hard cock of the stallion.

Embarrassed, she didn’t let go after she had caught her balance. Looking around again to be sure she was alone, she started to stroke the horse’s huge cock.  She couldn’t help but noticed that her hand fit hardly more than halfway around the big horse cock. As she stroked, she realized the stallion had quit fidgeting and was acting calmer. Maybe this was good for the horse. She slowly began to caress the big cock with her hand.

She considered stopping now before she got carried away but she was so horny and lust won over her caution. The horse seemed to be enjoying it anyway, what was so wrong with animal sex? Lavender quit stroking the huge dick for a moment to take off the rest of her clothes. Now fully naked, she moved under and in front of the horse so she was looking right at the huge head.

With one hand stroking, she dropped the other hand to her pussy and found it was soaked.  She rubbed her hand over her pussy using her fingers to find her clit. She never thought animal sex would get her so hot!

Maybe Just a Taste…

She felt a flush rise to her cheeks and a familiar warm sensation in her pussy as she rubbed the outside of her pussy and continued her hand job on the horse. Lavender breathed heavily as the pleasure began to mount. Lost in her lust Lavender tried to stuff the huge cock into her mouth.

She could just barely fit the huge head in.  Turned on now, she concentrated on relaxing her jaw so she could fit more horse dick in her mouth.  Her hand was a blur on the bulging shaft.

She felt herself starting to climax and stopped stroking so she could slip her other hand behind her and play with her asshole.  This put her over the edge and she moaned around a mouth full of horse dick as she rode out her orgasm. Finally, the orgasm begins to subside and she pulled her hands away from her pussy.

She then grabbed the stallion’s cock at the base with both hands and begin long slow strokes as she tried to stuff as much of its dick into her mouth as she could. After about 30 seconds of this Lavender felt the big cock beginning to throb. She pulled her mouth away just as the first spurt of cum shot from the horse’s dick.

Too Late, the Horse Cum Was Already on her tongue

It was too late to prevent a big gush of horse cum from shooting into her mouth. The force of the second blast would have knocked her backward if she hadn’t been gripping the horse’s dick with both hands. It hit her square in the face and soaked her. Rivulets of horse cum ran down her face onto her tits and stomach. She turned her head as the next spurt came. It hit her in the side of the head and soaked her long hair.

She lowered the big dick so the next spurts could shoot over her bobbing tits. Her tits were soon totally covered in horse cum. She dropped to her ass holding her legs in the air and let the last spurts of cum soak her pussy and ass. The giant thing finally quit squirting and Lavender reluctantly let go of it.

She looked down at herself and laughed. Head to pussy, she was totally covered in horse cum. Guess animal sex was no longer out of the question for her!

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