Animal Sex Slumber Party II


Animal sex at a slumber party.  How did it come to this?  This is what happens when the party crashers never end up showing up.  The girls look for other cock to entertain.  And Rex was right there, able and perfectly willing.  The slumber party host, Sabrina, dared me to touch Rex’s cock first.  Never one to turn down a dare, I agreed, wrapping my hands around that thick dog meat.  Kathy dares me to lick it and I do that, too.
No one told me that dogs don’t let you just lick their cocks once.
Before I knew it, Rex was pumping my face hard with his dog dong and, to my utter humiliation, jizzed right into my hot, teen mouth just in time for Sabrina’s father to walk in on us.
“I can explain,” I say as spurts of doggie cum hit me right in the face.
Sabrina’s dad orders the other girls to bed and takes both me and Rex into another part of the house.   I beg him not to tell my parents or anyone else and he orders me to my knees.
“If you don’t want me to tell everyone willing to listen about your little ‘red rocket’ fun, you’d better get to sucking, you big titted whore!”
Shocked, I can’t deny him and my lips quickly wrap around his mature cock.  Doggie cum is still on my face as Sabrina’s daddy fucks it like a pussy.  Who can blame him.  No man will turn down free teen sex.  I feel Rex’s tongue start gliding against my pussy.  Apparently, he is enjoying the show and is ready for round two.  I move to stop him but my friend’s father stops me!
“Consider this your punishment, you dirty teen, dog fucking slut!”


Do you think it’s fair that I should be made to take doggie baby batter as punishment for my actions?  Call my phone sex line and let me know!