Animal sex with Oscar in secret.

Animal sex with Oscar has been my little secret for a long time.  Oscar was a ‘gift’ from one of my girlfriends, but I didn’t understand why she gave him to me at first.  After all, I’d never expressed an interest in owning a dog before.  She told me to give it a week and if I didn’t like him, she’d take him back.  There was a sly wink at the end of that, which I didn’t understand, but I took the big Mastiff home with me.

Oscar was so ‘friendly’

Oscar’s nose had always managed to find its way up my skirt whenever I bent down and tried to pet him at home.  Since he was so big, it wasn’t the easiest thing to stop him.  I could practically feel his nose up my pussy hole and he was a sloppy kisser, too!  By the time I had managed to stop him, the outside of my panties were drenched with doggy tongue slime.  Then I realized that warm, sticky feeling was coming from the inside, too.

All it takes is one shitty night out at the club…

…before your walls start coming down.  It was his huge red rocket that finally did it.  Some dude had the nerve to try and pick me up with a 5-inch pecker and my mind immediately went to the big 13-inch monster that slunk out of Oscar earlier that week, dripping with precum and practically bursting for a tight hole.  He didn’t have any cheap pick-up lines or a tiny prick that would waste my time.  He was a big, friendly dildo-pooch all too eager to fix my problem of pathetic men in my life.  As he stared me down with that naughty little tongue, I knew what was going to happen.

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