Anal Slutty Captive

I was definitely surprised when he spoke in a non-dominant, normal way, but I really appreciated it. I hoped he was right when he said that following his rules would get easier. And I hoped that he knew what he was talking about when he said that he thought I would do well here and that I could really learn to enjoy it. I still wasn’t sure. But he was right when he said that I owed it to him to at least give it a chance. That’s why I decided to go along with being a willing slutty captive and also really try to enjoy it.

I’ve had a lot of cocks in my mouth, but this was different

Then he began training me by shoving his big cock that always seemed to be hard into my mouth. He didn’t even give me a chance to show off my superb blow-job skills. As he did before, he put his hands on my head to hold it still.  Then he pushed right to the back of my throat and held it there. I gagged and drooled but that didn’t bother him at all. He told me to look up at him any time his cock was in his mouth, which I did. Once I stopped gagging, he started pushing down my throat which started the gagging all over again. I’ve had a lot of cocks in my mouth, but this was different. He seemed to be very aggressively pushing my limits and training his anal slutty captive to only do exactly what he wanted.

He came all over my face instead

With that rock hard erection still invading my throat while I looked up at him, he explained that his cock was going to be in my anal slutty captive mouth a lot. I had already figured that one out but I couldn’t really comment on that. He said that I would learn exactly what he liked and I would also come to know the taste, the shape and the texture so well that I would know it blindfolded even if I was sucking off a room full of men. Oh God, was he going to want his anal slutty captive to do that I remember thinking. Finally, I could tell that he was getting close to cumming. I was bracing myself for him to shoot his big load down my throat but instead, he pulled out at the last minute and came all over my face instead.

Then he surprised his anal slutty captive…

I started to wipe it off but he told that I was never to do that. He then told me to stay on my knees and let it drip onto my big tits. After a few minutes, he told me to lick as much of it off of my breasts as I could, which I did. After I slurped up as much s I could, he stood in front of me and told me to make him hard again. I took him in my hand and started stroking it until he was rock hard again. Not surprisingly, this took no time at all. He said he was going to fuck me, which instantly made my pussy drip in anticipation. And I wanted to cry when I remembered that I was to be his anal only slut.

He ordered me onto my hands and knees with my nice round ass in the air.

I was relieved when I felt his fingers starting to lube up my tight hole. I hadn’t been sure if he would do that. After he made his huge phallus nice and slick I felt him behind me and felt that big cock head starting to push into my entrance. I was really scared that he was going to hurt me because he was so big, and the first inch he pushed in did not calm my fears at all. He said that it was important that he push hard and not stop if he was going to be able to get all the way in. Then he surprised me by telling me that I was now allowed to cum any time I wanted! I almost cried again, thinking that I would soon have relief from this intense ache in my clit.

So, my sexy perverts… What do you think? Does she actually get to cum whenever she wants? I’m guessing no, but you never know.

anal slutty captive

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