Willing slutty captive

Later that day he went over more rules for me. I remember thinking that the ones he had already given me were more than enough. But apparently, it was not – not even close. I had agreed before I even got here that I would obey all of his rules but I was not prepared for the extent of his fondness for regulation, control, and order. Now that we both knew that I was going to stay for the three days, I needed to know my place. He said that his goal was not to make me miserable but to train me to be submissive and obedient.

a willing slutty captive

I already knew most of his rules

I had already been following some of his rules since I had arrived. And believe it or not, this willing slutty captive was following some of the rules just out of instinct.

Clothing – I was to be naked at all times unless he specified otherwise. I had been naked since I walked in the front door when he took my clothes away and I didn’t even know where he put them. I would end up remaining that way at all times during those three days.

Position – This one I somehow knew to do instinctively. My default position was kneeling with my hands behind my back and eyes down. He did not allow me on the furniture (except for the bed when he invited me, of course.) Instead, I was to kneel at his feet. I was truly his owned object, but no longer a frightened slutty captive.

I was an owned object 

Submission – I was expected to be completely submissive and eventually a possession that he owned. The three days were meant to determine if I was suitable for the life of a willing slutty captive.

Availability – My entire body was his to do with whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. He told me that all of my holes were to be available to him for whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted and for however long he wanted.

Orgasms (mine) – Only with his permission, which he rarely ever gave. Also, no touching my pussy or my nipples without permission and I would always have to beg for that privilege. Of course, he never allowed me to ask for it.

Truly a willing slutty captive?

Was I truly a willing slutty captive? I was free to go at any time. But I would have had to return his money. He also would never allow me to return.  I also was not sure what that would mean for my continued employment with our shared employer. So, was I a completely willing captive? I’m not really sure.

Anal only? – As I’ve mentioned several times, I was so turned on nearly all the time that my pussy dripped constantly and my clit ached intensely. I needed the relief of an orgasm so badly. But if I couldn’t have that, I wanted him to use my pussy with his big cock so much.  But soon I was almost inconsolable.  He told me that he was going to train me as his anal only slut. All sex that we would have would be oral or anal. We would not be having vaginal sex at all and that I should not expect it.

He assured me that it would get easier

He said that he enjoyed vaginal sex a great deal but this rule was about my training and learning to be obedient more than anything. Knowing that I would find this very difficult, he assured me that it would get easier. He abandoned his Dom persona a bit as he went on. “Believe it or not, I think you’ll really learn to like all of this after a while. I know your personality type and I know that you have the potential to do very well in this lifestyle. It’s clear this all of this is overwhelming to you, which is understandable. But I hope that you are willing to give me a chance. You owe me at least that.” This was very flattering to me and I decided to go along with being a willing slutty captive and also really try to enjoy it.a willing slutty captive

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