Anal sex in the emergency room doesn’t only happen on Greys Anatomy.

Anal sex also doesn’t just happen between interns and residents. My first-hand knowledge can verify this. Lat night the combination of my few drinks the snow that fell and my hooker boots I took a pretty embarrassing fall.I jumped up so quickly hoping no one noticed. Not knowing how much pain I was really in until the alcohol wore off I thought I was fine. But no, with every minute that passed the pain got worse. Deciding that it might be best I get this checked out. right away they gave me a shot of pain meds. Almost immediately I felt the pain disappear.

My nurse was so fucking hot all I kept thinking was how embarrassing this is that she thinks I broke my ass.

After my x rays, I was really feeling no pain. Whatever meds they gave me was a miracle drug. Fortunately, I had nothing broken. Just bruised my tailbone pretty bad. At this point, the drugs began to talk and I thanked the nurse and then proceeded to tell her how sexy I really thought she was. She asked me to follow her for some more testing. I was embarrassed that I said anything to her. I just followed in silence. We get to a room that isn’t very big and it has 2 sets of bunk beds in it and a shelf with a bunch of random stuff on it.

She told me that She thought was very pretty also.

We came to this room to test my mobility. She had me stretching my legs and lifting them one at a time. wanting to know if I wanted to have some fun I knew right away what she meant. As I told her I was ready she was already grabbing a bag off the shelf and pulling out a strap on. As I watched her step into it my pussy began to tingle and get wet. I started to suck on it taking it all in my mouth and making it nice and wet for her.

I could begin to smell her pussy juice.

She smelled so sweet.Before I knew it I was on all 4s and she had 2 fingers rubbing my asshole with lube. Felling a little bit of pressure I felt the head of her big cock penetrate my ass. I was having anal sex in the emergency room with a fucking hot nurse.She was pounding my ass so good. I loved the feeling of her soft hands and they were holding my hips as we had anal sex. Who knew anal play could be so fun.

Her cock was slinging in and out and I didn’t want her to stop.

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