Anal sex stories, would you pay for anal sex?

Anal sex stories would you pay more for anal sex if it was a virgin ass? I was in need of some money so I thought about all the ways I could make money. I thought about garage sales, donating plasma, and even going door to door to see if anyone needed the grass cut. None of these ideas sounded like anything I really wanted to do. Jokingly my friend said why don’t you stand on the corner?

We both laughed.

Then we started talking more about it, take out a back page ad, maybe sell it on craigslist. Then I said my ass is a virgin I wonder how much someone would pay for virgin anal sex. By the end of dinner, we had a local back page ad written to auction off my anal virginity. We had decided that for the next 24 hours people would send me a message with what they were willing to pay for virgin anal sex.

The response was overwhelming,

I never thought that so many people would respond. I even had a girl bid on my ass, she wanted to use her strapon for our anal sex session. That would make a great addition to my anal sex stories.  When the 24 hour period was up I found the highest bidder. His name was Lonnie and his bid was $2100.00.

I was so shocked that someone would pay that much for anal sex.

So we decided to meet at a hotel in my area. I got there before Lonnie so I got undressed and waited. He arrived a few minutes after that. I let him in and he didn’t waste any time, as he was getting undressed he was asking me if I brought lube because he did just in case. Before I could even answer he was undressed and had a hand full of lube rubbing it all over his already hard cock. He looked at me and said go over to the bed and kneel on the edge of it and bend over keeping your ass up nice and high for me.

I did what he told me to. I felt the lube drip down my ass as he was squirting it all over, his fingers rubbing it all around and I felt him put a finger in my ass to get it all lubed up.

He then took the head of his hard cock and rubbed it between my ass checks and very gently pushed it in.

I felt a surge of pain as I gasped for air. He was fucking my ass so hard that I thought he was going to push me through the wall. He pushed himself all the way in and then…

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