Girls having sex. Michael believed me for a little while when I said it was just dinner and drinks.

Girls having sex didn’t cross his mind, but, he began to have doubts. Last weekend I planned a night with my friends. I could tell Michael was not happy and didn’t believe the dinner and drinks line I gave him. During the week he was full of questions. Saturday night was finally here and I was preparing for the girls having sex night aka girls night out. Little did I know Michael paid his coworker John to follow us and report back to him what we did.

Thankfully John and I are cool with each other.

Michael doesn’t know about that. When Carmen, Jennifer and I walked up to the hotel room there was John running up to us. I knew right away that Michael put him up to this. I just looked at him and told him it’s just a night of girls having sex. Then I told him we would let him watch if he reported dinner and drinks like I told Michael we were doing.

Who could say no to that? Watching girls have sex in return for a little white lie.

John sat on the couch facing the bed while Carmen slipped into her strap-on and told Jennifer and me to get naked. I threw John a bottle of lube and told him to enjoy it. Jennifer laid on her back as I got on my hands and knees crawling up between her legs to taste her sweet pussy. As I began to lick that beautiful clit, Carmen slid her strap-on into my pussy and began to fuck me hard. My pussy juice was dripping down my thighs as she kept pounding me until I came all over her strap-on. My legs were throbbing.

Jennifers’ legs began to tremble so I knew she was ready to cum all over my face.

Her cum was so sweet I couldn’t stop licking her even as she was trying to push my head away. When I lifted my head and looked at John I say his cum oozing out of his hard cock. He definitely had fun watching the girls having sex.

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