Anal sex has just turned into a game of “Will it fit?”

Anal sex and you go together like chopsticks.  Ever since I whored you out to your first cock, you’ve been hooked.  You became addicted to cum and I like knowing that both of your holes get a nice workout at least every weekend.  You’re talented.  That’s for sure.  But I need you to be great and, frankly, I don’t think you understand just how large cocks can get.   Some are double the sizes that you’re used to.  Do you really wanna be taken surprise by a thick, juicy, 12-inch cock?  The last thing you want to be asking yourself when staring one down is ‘will it fit?’

Butt plug upgrade

Seems the butt plugs we’ve been using are just child’s play now.  You don’t even squirm anymore when you take one up the ass for hours at a time.  That changes right here and now.  I’m going to get you on a nice butt plug regiment that’ll have your back-pussy thanking me…after it gets done being forced open wide and stretched out in agony.  Then my strap-on will take a turn.  It’s like exercise.  The burn lets you know that it’s working.

Next, Let’s talk a walk down Kensington at 2 am

You know Kensington; possibly the worst neighborhood in Philly.  And, of course, you have to dress the part.  Just like fishermen use different bate to catch different fish, so too are we after a certain breed of cock.  Once those chocolate alphas see you in that tiny, tight dress 8-inch hooker boots, and that whorish make-up, your asshole will have a real test on its hands.  You’ve never had the pleasure of black dicks yet, have you?  It’s going to be so fun watching them rape you until the sun comes up.  No one is coming to help you in Kensington so you might as well enjoy it like the bitch you are.  Spread those cheeks and ask for more.  That’s a good slut.  Did I mention they don’t much care for waiting to use your holes one at a time?  Oops.

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