Anal Sex Stories From Your Favorite GFE Green Eyed Brunette with lots of love.

Describing to you in complete and delicious detail how much I love getting naughty is such a turn on. Telling you my juicy Anal Sex Stories has me wet already. Taking this incredible act of sexual desire one step at a time so you fully understand what it takes to put me in outer space. Understanding my body’s process to ecstasy is a very fun game when you pay attention. Following the rules is simple. Slow and steady win the race.

Kissing my lips slowly and deep warms me up. Paying attention to my breath and the way I start to move my hips is the perfect indicator of where I’m at. Sliding your fingertips up and down my soft skin intensifies my desire. Gripping me once my breathing deepens. The heat seeps from my mouth and mixes in yours. My eyes tell the story of needing more phonesex, and needing it harder. Undress me with your strong masculine intention of making me cum harder than I ever have.

Laying me down on my back while you dive headfirst into my soaking wet pussy. Telling me how crazy you are for my taste and smell. Placing firm kisses right on my sensitive little puffy clit until I beg for your fingers. Slide them in and out of me while I moan. Pressing deeper and harder as my moans grow louder. Sucking my little delicate ruffles into your mouth, slurping me up like your favorite treat. Experiencing this hot phone sex with me will take you from sweet to dirty before the night is done.

Drag me to the foot of the bed so my round ass practically hangs off the edge. Lift my legs up, holding them by my ankles, and look deeply into my adoring hungry eyes, and…