Anal Sex Obsession Confessional From Your Favorite Naughty Girl is a secret just for you, Shhhhh.

Anal Sex is Taboo, right? Well, I wonder why it’s so hot every time I have it if it’s supposed to be so bad. I love the way my asshole gets stretched around your cock. I love the perfect mixture of pain and pleasure while you continue to glide in and pull out of my lubed up, wet ass with your fat mushroom head getting sucked back in at the last second for another deep thrust. Yes, ass fucking is one of my favorite things to do in bed, and baby, your cock is the right one for the job. So spank me with that long thick dick and make me beg for you to stick it inside.

My tight little ass want’s your mega dose of attention to detail. The way you peel my bottom back and watch each stroke in and each stroke out of your cock sliding into me, then the way my skin opens up and rolls back a bit when you pull back makes me go wild. I can hear your breathing and moans change when you see this and that turns me on to no end. Baby, I just want to Fetish fuck you night and day, making you sweat, making you tilt your head back and shout out my name. “Oh god, Alyssa!” You will yell at the top of your lungs when you see what a filthy little girl I truly am. I’m ready to get dirty Daddy. Now bend me the fuck over and bust me wide open.

GFE Phone Sex isn’t always soft and pretty. We both know that we like it rough and raw too. Maybe I’m not so nice after all. Maybe the truth is I’m a naughty girl who’s really good at being bad.

Cuckold Phone Sex