Hair Fetish Fun With My New Cut Turns Heads Left and Right and makes you lose control.

Hair Fetish is the thing you can’t keep your mind straight over. While I cut my hair and you watch every hair slowly fall, your cock hardens and swells. It becomes obvious, so obvious in the fact that I hear the other girls in the salon laughing. This gives me the very best idea. A femdom lightbulb goes off in my wicked mind. I give a wet lick of my lips and call you over to me. You stumble and try to appear normal like this isn’t making you lose your hair fetish mind. “Listen to me closely,” I say without hesitation. You’re going to do things here that you’ve never done before. You’re going to entertain me and all these hot bimbos here at the salon. “Www why” you stutter. “Because I know how bad you want to let loose seeing my hair get shorter and shorter. I know how turned on seeing my hair getting cut makes you, and so does everyone else. You embarrassed me, so now I’m going to embarrass you. You are going to be my little slut, my little bimbo. Everyone will call you by your new bimbo name too.” I say with great authority.

I introduce you with your new skanky bimbo name and the entire salon erupts with giggles and lustful girly eyes undressing you. You’re going to be the dressed-up, glammed-out slut meat being passed around by all of us because of friends who share our friends who care. “Turn on the clippers girls” I order, and just then they rush in and transform you from my boyfriend to my little fuck doll. I pull your new mini skirt up and get down so I can rub your cock all over my shaved nape and you beg me to let you cum. I decide there are way too many Guided Masturbation things I want you to do still, so the answer is… not yet my bimbo pet.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke