The Anal Sex Stories of a Catholic Schoolgirl

Schoolgirl skirts and thin white socks. I lived in them for a few years when I went to Catholic School. I really loved everything about it, mostly because all my friends went there too. The nuns were strict, very strict! But that didn’t mean our friend and I didn’t do naughty things. After all, we are human and we really wanted to please our boyfriends. Then we found out there was a loophole, that’s when one of my best anal sex stories happened.

My friend Laura had done it, she told us that if we had anal sex we didn’t go to hell. Therefore we could do it as many times as we wanted and not confess it before Sunday mass. My older boyfriend was eager to fuck me, and he was even more excited when I told him the only way we were going to do it, was if he fucked my tight teen ass. That same night he sneaked into my room and I finally gave him the proof of love he so wanted.

I heard a knock on the window, it was him. I let him in and I was wearing the same little-pleaded skirt that he met me in, this time, I wasn’t wearing any panties. There wasn’t supposed to be any other kind of touching, I wouldn’t be allowed in heaven if he used any other one of my tight holes.

There was really no need for any foreplay, all he needed to hear was my sweet voice telling him how I wanted his dick in my ass.

He bent me over my bed and although it hurt a lot at first, towards the end I had to stop myself from moaning fuck me harder! His thick uncut cock was so deep in my ass it felt so good. After he came, all I really wanted was to do it over and over again.

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