I was at the mall waiting for my friends one afternoon. I had came straight from class since my mom didn’t want to stop at home, so I was all decked out and looking nerdy in my school girl uniform. I didn’t mind it, I just would of preferred to be wearing something else. I sat near the food court after I got an ice cream when a man, probably in his late forties, sat down next to me. He made conversation quite fast and I wasn’t about to be rude, so I answered everything he asked, though I know I shouldn’t have. He started asking me why I was doing alone at the mall. I told him I wasn’t going to be alone for long and that I was looking for a dress. That’s when he said he noticed me looking at a very expensive store and asked if I could even afford. Of course I didn’t I was just looking but I stayed quite.

“How much do you want for your panties? The ones you are wearing at this very second. I’ll give you whatever you want for them, with one condition.”

I asked what the condition was, of course. He said I had to go to the bathroom and cum in them.Yes, get them all wet with my juices. I thought about it, and since I really want it that dress, I agreed. We both stood up and walked to the nearest restroom. I went in and he stayed behind. I was quite nervous, since I am usually really loud when I finger myself. I went into one of the stalls and stood with my back leaning up against the door.

As I slipped my hand down my panties, I heard someone come in. I started playing with my tiny little clitty. Nice and slow, drawing little circles on it with my middle finger. Soon I was dripping and ready to start having some real fun. I covered my mouth since women kept coming in and out of the restroom. I slipped two fingers inside me. Stretching out my tight cunt. My hips were grinding back and forth. Humping the air as I fucked my teen pussy. When I was ready to cum, I slipped my hand, the one I was using to cover my mouth, under my blouse and started pinching my nipples. I let out a soft moan, and came.

I stood in the stall for a few minutes longer. I want it all my juices to drip down on to those panties. When I took them off, I made sure I cleaned once again my sensitive cunt with them. I placed them in the paper shopping bag he had given me and delivered them to him. After, we walked our separate ways and the first stopped I did was to buy that dress I’d been eyeing.

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