Anal sex was what was promised. It’s time to deliver!

Anal sex time! There is no way out of this. The only escape is blocked by 220 pounds of muscle with a hardon for you! As you think back on everything that was said, you realize that I never did explicitly say that you’d be the GIVER in the anal sex. With your rent already paid up and notice already given to your old landlord, you come to accept that this IS happening.

D’marcus starts to unzip his pants and his black python nearly hits his knees. You gulp.

“Well?” I say. “You’d better start sucking. His cock needs to be super slick or you’re going to have a bad time hun. Do a good job.”

“Aren’t y-y-you joining in?” you ask, terrified.

“Oh I’m just watching, for now, babe.”

“B-b-but, when do we fuck?”

D’marcus and I look at each other before bursting into fits of laughter while pointing at you and your tiny, erect pecker.

D’marcus’s cock presses against the side of your face. You feel his precum drip down your cheek. With no other choice, you stretch your mouth open and take the hot, throbbing member in. It’s so salty and big. So much bigger than yours. Why does this make you so hard? You remember what I told you earlier. If you don’t make it slick, you’re going to have a bad time. You immediately start slurping and drooling all over it and it takes almost no time at all for you to get into it.

“Damn, Crystal. You sure can pick em.”

“What can I say. Beta bitches are easy to spot.”

“I can’t wait to tear this white boy a new one.”

Your eyes widen. How is all THIS gonna fit inside you?

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