Close your eyes. Take a breath. Picture me getting ready to have anal sex with you.

Anal sex is something I love, but I have to prepare for. Sometimes it can take all night long, which is why I am inviting you to watch me. How erotic is that? Now, come sit on my bed, so you have a full view of my vanity. I love sitting here because it has the huge mirror. The mirror also comes in handy for other things too! I’ll let you use your imagination for that one. I have so many things to do for our kinky evening.

So watch me take out my red lipstick in a classic gold case. It leaves my lips filled with a seductive red. You are having a hard time just sitting there watching as I apply the rest of my makeup.

Next, I go to my dresser and pull out a pair of stockings.

I can hear you moan slightly as I draw the stocking fabric against your bare skin. You know how much I love teasing you and making you wait for the night ahead. I place my leg up on the vanity stool and slowly start pulling the stockings up.

I can see your eyes watching me very closely. Once the right leg is done, then I start working on the leg left until my stockings are on and clinging to my body. You look how my feet look snuggled by the stockings, just like in your foot fetish porn. I walk back to the closet and pull out my black slip. It’s a satin material so it fits my tight body perfectly. You can barely keep your hands off me, but it’s not time yet! Lastly, I bend over right in front of you teasing you to pick up my favorite pair of black high heels. Once I put them on my look is complete, and I close the door. It’s time for our fun night!

If you have a stocking fetish, it’s time to give me a call!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke

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