Foot fetish stories are some of the most exciting to read.

But I love some things more than just reading foot fetish stories! Here’s a story submitted anonymously about one very hot fetish!

I have a particular fetish, you see I love a woman’s feet. Our dear Olivia has some of the sexiest feet I have ever seen in my life. Her feet are absolutely perfect. Just recently I had the rare pleasure to explore this kink of mine with the sexiest slut I know! Let me tell you all about it.

I was going about my day when I started to get horny, so I called up our dear friend Olivia. She only knew about my anal sex fetish, but I couldn’t contain it anymore. I told her all about how horny I am and then I brought up how much of a foot fetish I have. She then said it would be so much fun and that she would love to talk to me all about that!

   Before I knew it, she had sent me some of the sexiest nudes I have ever seen and they all featured her perfect feet.

She then told me she was wearing a tight tank top and a light blue thong, but I knew the sexiest part about her was her perfect feet. I could tell she was getting herself comfortable on the couch. She told me how good it felt to rub her foot for me, it was so hot. My cock was so hard as she was telling me all about how good her foot felt. I was practically worshiping her feet at that moment, there had been nothing in my life hotter than that.

Then she started telling me that she would have me suck on her toes and lick her feet. Then Olivia told me all about how she would stroke my cock with her two perfect feet. It was like my fantasy was becoming pure reality as if I was really there. What really got me off is when she told me how she wanted my cum all over her feet, and I came so hard when she said that! I think I’ll be calling quite a bit more from now on.

I want to explore your foot fetish together! Call me to have loads of fun 😉

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke

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