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I’m just a naughty girl with many interests and desires. I love all sorts of sexual fantasies, even the whole sex with coach fantasy! I must admit that I just want the whole world to know just how kinky I can be, and so I have a bit of an exhibitionist streak in me as you can imagine. Just recently, one of my girlfriends and I just had some wild fun right out in the open. It must drive everybody insanely horny seeing two amateur college girls being so out and open. Let me tell you all about it.

As summer rolls in, that means spring finals were only a couple weeks ago. One of my girlfriends and I had taken an extracurricular anatomy class and we need to study for our final.

We found a nice and intimate corner in the library to study.

Immediately we open the textbook to the section on female anatomy and I instantly begin giving my friend coy looks. Then, As we are reading passages to each other, I put my hand on her thigh and slowly start moving my hand up her thigh and under her skirt. I am so horny after spending all my time studying!

As my fingers make it to my friends pussy, I notice that she has no panties on and she’s very wet. Then I start playing with her clit and she lets out soft moans. I can tell we are getting attention from other students in this quiet corner of the library. I start to feel her breasts through her tank top as she bites her lip.

After that, she gets down on her knees and pulls up my skirt. Then, she starts licking my clit and fingering my pussy. I look up and notice several other students watching, and as I see this I cum so hard I gush everywhere. Talk about the perfect stress reliever!

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