I am so excited to have my chance to have sex with Coach, and the idea of right on the football field is so hot.

As we leave the mall, it is already getting dark outside. I tell coach that I think we should head over to the football field so we can have the fun hot sex he promised in the dressing room. We are driving back over to the school, and I slip back into my tight fitting cheer outfit. I make sure coach gets a good look at my ass and tits. Coach pulls into the parking lot right by the football field and I am so excited and nervous.

He takes my hand and leads me right onto the field. In the center of the field, I get down on my knees and start sucking his big cock.

I feel so open and exposed right here where anyone can see, it gets my tight pussy soaking wet. Then he takes off my top and skirt and starts eating my pussy right there on the football field! I find this feeling of being right out in the open with a coach to be so fucking hot. I beg him to fuck me with his big cock. Then I feel him thrusting inside me, fucking me right in the open.

I have never had sex like this before! All the lesbian sex stories going around on campus, made me think that would be amazing, but I’m not sure anything could top this! Next, he puts my hair in pigtails and makes me get on my hands and knees while he fucks me from behind. I feel him pulling on my hair as I feel his big cock thrusting. I am moaning as loud as I can, I don’t care at all if people can hear us. It is so hot that I squirt all over his cock just as he shoots his thick load of cum deep in my pussy. After, I remember laying on the football field for several moments, cum still leaking out of my pussy. I feel so fully satisfied, this has been one of the best experiences of hot sex I have ever had!

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