What is so good about anal sex?

Yeah it’s anal sex, so it’s questioned but once learned, very enjoyed. I guess it’s for the kinky or even extreme kinky lovers like myself. The first time you have that kind of sex it may be little uncomfortable but when done the right way you fall in love with it instantly. My first time was with my guy that didn’t exactly have the largest dick. From what I recall his dick was about 6 inches. He liked fucking my pussy but felt I didn’t enjoy it, which I actually did.

So he suggested fucking my sweet ass.

This is something I’ve never done before and from the stories didn’t want to. You know the stories I’m referring to, all the pressure and pain. But this day I decided to give it a try. You only live once, right! He was so prepared too, there were butt plugs, lube and towels already set up . He did say that I should do an enema before. Just so that we can be very clean about everything. Let me add that sometimes I don’t worry about “cleaning up beforehand”. Sometimes I just want that dick inside of me and feel that warm, creamy cream pie.

After he helped me cleanup, which was really erotic itself, we start that day just fucking like any other day. Just to work out way up to the moment of it. After a while I let him put the smallest of the plugs in my ass. Right before that I did talk him into licking my ass really good and opening me up.

Well, we fucked a little more after that, but it all started. We were fucking in the doggy-style position and he got in the mood and took the plug out. He laid me on my stomach and guided his dick inside of me preparing for some anal sex. He went slow and it hurt at first but he kept pumping. The next thing I know I’m throwing my little ass back on that hard cock. I even got on top and rode that dick and it was amazing.

This is my little sex story So I’m just saying anal is the shit! It’s so worth it.

Something else that I’ve come to realize it that it also makes some of the Cuckold Sex Stories. The toys I play with are a good girth and length. They fill me up just right and when I can’t get to the cock I just substitute with a toy and call a sexy voice so I can have fun. Don’t get me wrong I play with my pussy on the phone all of the time. For those times I want more intensity I give myself some good anal play.

anal sex