I wasn’t aware my boyfriend had such an anal sex fetish, till he whored my ass out to a stranger.

When I was a teen I dated an older guy named Jesse. He turned me from shy little girl to a sexy hungry woman. He showed me that sex was something to enjoy. That is was not just men that should go out and fulfill their fantasies.  Jesse introduced me to all kinds fetishes, including anal sex fetish, bondage, and dirty talk. I discovered I loved being tied up and helpless while he used me any way he wanted and called me dirty names.  I grew to love being called a slut and a whore, and acting like one for him. When I was tied up and blindfolded he use to tell me he was going to get another guy, to come use me like the whore I was. The idea of it made me really hot.

One day when I was tied, blind-folded spread eagle to his bed, sucking on his cock, he told me how hot it would be to see another man fuck me. The idea was making me soaking wet as he was working a dildo into that throbbing hole between my folds. That’s when the doorbell rang, he jumped up stating he would get rid of whoever it was and darted off leaving the dildo buzzing inside me. I started to get frustrated as the dildo started to slip out and there was nothing I could do about it since I was tied up.

I heard him come back in the room and gasped in pleasure as he rammed the dildo back into place.

So I begged him to put his cock back in my mouth. “Not yet,” he said followed with “What were we talking about?” He was really beginning to work that dildo, in and out of that sweet hole of mine making me squirm and I blurt out in a gasp “Fucking others guys in front of you, letting them have their way with me, being a whore for you.”

“You like that idea, don’t you,” he asked as he wiped his cock across my lips.

I told him I wanted to be a slut for him, to have any strange guy in my pretty little cunt. As he slid his cock further into my mouth I felt him let go of the vibrator and squeeze both my tits. I started to get frustrated as I felt the vibrator slipping once again. All of a sudden, the vibrator was pushed back in, hard, and it took me a minute to realize Jesse’s hands were still on my breast.

Jesse started to say “There is this guy here who wants to fuck you and see what a whore you are. Your blindfold will remain on and you will not know who he is after either. I told him he could do anything he wants to you and I’m just gonna sit back and watch.” Jesse removed his cock from my mouth and I felt the vibrator being pulled out.  Could hear the guy getting undressed, and froze for a moment.

I started to feel a cock being pushed between my lips, so I opened my mouth and sucked it in.

It felt bigger then Jesse’s almost seeming to be too much for my little mouth. A couple fingers were now probing and my wet cunt, I tried pushing against them so they would go further into my receptive hole.  The stranger pulled his cock out of my mouth and positioned himself over me. I was tingling with anticipation, as I yelled out for him to fuck me. I could feel his cock parting my folds, he slammed into me hard. As he was driving his fat cock into me, I thought this must be what it feels like to really be a whore.

I was panting with every thrust, as I told him to, “Fuck me hard and fill my cunt up.” His aggressive thrashing made me cum so hard.

I felt my legs being untied and was rolled over on my stomach. Was actually loving this, he was using me strictly for his pleasure, doing whatever he wanted to me. He pulled my ass into the air and I told him how much I loved doggie. Two fingers were pushed back into my cunt and retreated covered and sticky juice. To my surprise he rubbed them over my asshole, then slid a finger into my ass, it made me squirm a little. I heard Jesse tell him, “yes, you can fuck her ass.” This guy obviously had an anal sex fetish also. I felt the tip of his cock probing my asshole unrelentingly.

Then I told him it was too big, but it did not disengage him, he just increased the pressure until I felt the head pop right in.

“Shit it hurts so good,” I yelled out but he paid no mind to whether it hurt or not he just kept on pushing inch by inch into me. When I felt I couldn’t take any more I begged him to stop. He stopped for a moment then thrust the rest of his cock deep inside me. He started to rock that cock in and out of me and I start feeling ripples of pleasure as the stinging sensation started to subside.

The stranger started fucking my ass harder and faster, making me grunt in pleasure and pain until and intense pleasure wave came over my body causing me to cum and I almost collapsed underneath him. He pulled out and I felt the familiar feeling of his cock on my lips again, so I opened my mouth and took his full load down my throat.

I could hear Jesse saying “Ahh that’s fantastic, I didn’t know she would be so nasty.”

I could feel him behind me now nudging his cock at my throbbing asshole. It slipped in easily after the massive fucking it just received, enabling him to pound my ass harder and faster than he ever could before. He came quickly and we both collapsed on the bed. Moments later Jesse took the blindfold off, but no stranger! I think I’m growing to love this anal sex fetish also!

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