Some fun young sex stories..

Young sex stories are so much fun to tell.. I was always such a little slut! A MAJOR tease, no matter who I was toying with! I’d turn my town upside down, whether I was playing with the boys nextdoor or seducing the teachers at school. However, it was all just teasing! I never really gave it up.. except to my daddy. Of course, daddy never took no for an answer! And he’d spoil me anyway, so why would I refuse? It was too much fun to sit around in the living room, stretching and showing off in my tiny yoga shorts.. He could see every little detail of my butt, and I knew it!

And of course, I didn’t care.

Teasing daddy was always fun. The first time he finally started toying with me right back, he had me sit on his lap while we watched the TV. I was still in my tiny shorts, and he was rocking his leg in a way that was feeling so good.. I knew he could see it, a tiny little wet spot forming on the fabric whenever I leaned forward. He knew he was being mean, but it felt so good that I just had to give in.. No one else was home to watch, so it was our little secret when he finally slipped my shorts down and slid a finger inside. It felt so good, I moaned for him right from the start. But of course, daddy’s a little greedy, and this was just the start of my young sex stories.. He was the first one to ever fuck me, and it all started that night!

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