hot anal sex with C.J.Anal Sex Wasn’t My Favorite At First

I’ve never really been into anal sex. I tried it a few times years ago and it wasn’t really comfortable, so I just decided to forget about it. This new guy I’ve been seeing though is very much into anal sex. And wanted me to give it another try, so he said rather than just jump in and do it. He wanted to get my ass used to the idea and start with some anal toys to get me prepared well before there was even an attempt at him sticking his dick in there. I consented to do that much. He’d gotten a few butt plugs of varying sizes. And asked if I’d allow him to insert them into me to get me comfortable with something being put in there. So he took the smallest one and lubed it up and then slide it into my ass, very slowly.

He Licked My Pussy As He Inserted A Toy In My Ass

I tried not to flinch as he guided it in, but it was quite small. So it went in without too much difficulty. He left it in while he went down on my pussy. And of course once he began to lick my clit and made me cum. I wasn’t paying too much attention to it. The next night he went to the one of the next greatest size. It took a bit more getting used to, but it went fairly smoothly and easily. So we did this the next few nights and each night going up a size.

I Was Ready To Enjoy Anal A Whole Lot More

After a week, I felt a whole lot more comfortable with the whole idea of anal sex. And said I was finally ready to have him fuck my ass, which of course he was happy to hear. He lubed up his hard shaft and then with me on all fours. He guided the tip of his hard cock right to my asshole and then popped in the head of it. And he didn’t rush whatsoever and asked me if I was ok with everything as he was doing it. Then when I gave him the all clear, he slowly slide in all the way up to the balls. The last butt plug he’d used the night before was actually thicker in diameter than his cock was. So he’d wanted his cock to not be the biggest thing he’d inserted into me and make it even easier.

I Was Now Happy To Have Him Fuck My Ass

He grabbed me by the hips and got a slow and easy rhythm going as he gently fucked my ass. He reached underneath me and started to play with my clit and rub it back and forth as his cock went in and out. And the more I relaxed, the easier it became and the more pleasure I began to feel. One of the things he’d also gotten at the sex shop was a new vibe.

So I was holding that on my clit and sliding it in and out of my cunt as he fucked my ass. I made myself cum with the toy not long after, and then he shot his load deep into me and then withdrew his cock, his cum dribbling out of me. I’m glad he thought to use the toys that way, it made it all go a lot easier and now I’m a lot more open to having anal sex on a more regular basis.

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