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I love deep anal sex the deeper in my ass your cock goes the better. I love when I’m on the phone and the call gets turned into anal phone sex it turns me on so much. Anal phonesex is some hot phone sex. Of course, I love a good pussy pounding as well but if you switch to my ass oh my gosh, I go crazy.
It’s just such a nice deep sensation and I love the dirty talk that comes with it. You know “Pound my tight little asshole”

There’s been a few where I could barely take the whole thing but it managed to fit. The biggest cock I ever took in my ass I’d say was about 11in. I was so scared for my tight little ass haha!
One time when I was about seventeen I had no ride home. So I hitchhiked.

This really hot truck driver picked me up and I knew exactly what he wanted.

I bent over in the back seat so he could get a nice view of this tight ass. I knew he wanted to throw me back there and just take me at that moment. At first, I got on my knees looked up at him and started sucking his huge cock taking it deep into my throat. Then he threw me on my stomach and ripped off my skirt. Before I knew it he was full blown fucking me in my ass. I can’t explain how deep inside he got in me that night. He exploded in my ass and it was the biggest load I’d ever felt. It was just dripping out all over. Of course, I cleaned it all up with my tongue afterward. So as you can see I believe anal sex will really spice up things in the bedroom or in a truck in my case 😉

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