One of my especially dirty (and true) high school sex stories.

I’ve heard some pretty outrageous high school sex stories since I came to the Kingdom. I don’t share mine too often, but I remembered an especially dirty one today that deserves retelling.

During my senior year, I had an older boyfriend. I was freshly 17, he was 21. He was a bad boy, i.e. 100% my type. We had to sneak around a lot because he lived with his parents, too. My dad was an asshole and his was even worse: a cop. Ugh!

We used to hang out at our respective places when we knew our parents wouldn’t be around. One day when we were over at my dad’s house, he finally convinced me to try anal. I don’t know why, but for some reason we did it in my sister’s bed. I felt so dirty . . . but I also really, really liked it.

The dirtiest part of it all was what happened later that day. After my dad got home from work, he asked me what I was doing in my sister’s bed. Oh shit, I thought. How the FUCK did he know I was in her bed?? And then he held up my (dirty) panties.

“I found these. I never want to see these in your sister’s bed again. Do you understand?”

Who knows if my dad had jerked off with them already by the time he lectured me. I wouldn’t put it past him. I’ve always suspected that underneath his (unsuccessful) strict authoritarian-ism there was several layers of total fucking pervert.

Do you have some filthy high school sex stories to share with me? Let’s have a no limits, no taboos adult chat about it.

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